Achieving Realism Within a 360 Tour

Around, around we go and where we stop no one will know. That in affect is the art of virtual tours. Virtual tours make a flat presence to a global view showing no seams or breaks. The goal is to make a cohesive seamless presentation creating the true distinctiveness of the room or area. A very common misconception is that 360 virtual tours are created with video. Of course we know that you could spin a video camera around in a circle but you would never achieve the end result of one single printable high-res image that you can move throughout.

The “HOW” a tour is made is the key to achieving the goal of realism and intimacy. There are many who use a fisheye lens or a One-Shot Lens and while a 360 image is created the realism of the imagery is distorted. Real Tour Visions proprietary virtual tour software allows the photographer to create a stylish, unique 360 tour. The photographer can use settings capturing the depth of a room or area. Really the only thing missing are the smells since we can also add in sound to our virtual tours with a click of a button.

When you want to create a virtual tour, take the camera out of Auto and experiment with the depth and lighting settings. You will end with a formation of your vision in a Real Tour Vision.

Greg Daley
Daley Visual Development