360 Tour Preparation

I received a great request from a new Realtor(R), he asked for a list of tips to give to home owners for their upcoming 360 virtual tour shoot. This is something I thought was a great idea! We have all walked into a house that is just not ready to shoot. I started a key list of tips and sent it out to all my clients. I told all my clients to feel free to let me know if they have tips they want me to add and have gotten great feedback! The home owners seem to feel more comfortable knowing how to set their houses up for their 360 virtual tour. I have to say it has made some shoots a little easier!

Tips for your virtual tour shoot:

This is the most important tip…Remove your clutter! Remove all papers and clutter from all surfaces, the refrigerator, counters, desk, tables, bathrooms, and other rooms. Get rid of or hide those magazines and mail lying around.

Remove as much as you can from your kitchen and bathroom counters. Hide those lotions, tooth brushes, sponges, and dishes. Clutter in a small room can make it look even smaller. Clearing the counters will give the room more space.

Simplify. Sometimes moving a few small pieces of furniture out of the room can make the room feel larger. When you simplify a room it gives your visitors a chance to imagine their things in that space.

Make sure your yard is in order. Arrange your patio furniture and plants. Hide your garbage cans and tools.

Don’t be afraid to stage. Put some flowers in a vase, set the table, a candle here or there. These are nice details as long as they are kept simple

As you can see, simplifying and removing clutter are the most important steps in getting ready for a photo shoot. This can really make the most difference in a photograph!

Laura Nelson
Media Carrot