What A Real Estate Virtual Tour Should Be

I have been producing virtual tours in Destin and the Florida Panhandle for a couple of years. As my virtual tour business has grown, I have put a lot of thought into what makes a good real estate virtual tour. When a buyer or buyer’s agent begins searching the Internet for a home, they usually start with criteria such as sq. feet, number of beds and baths, etc.. The nest step is to narrow the search by photos. The need for a good quality photo representation is crucial for the seller at this point. The search has now been narrowed to the point when a good virtual tour will set your listing apart from the competition. The lack of a virtual tour could also make your listing invisible, if the search has been limited to listings with virtual tours.

I strive to make my virtual tours as all-inclusive as possible. The viewer should be able to see all aspects of the property from the tour. When this is successfully achieved, the potential buyer should be able to make their decision, and only require a physical visit to inspect the fine details. Buyers are able to narrow their search to 1 or 2 properties, or better yet, fall in love with their dream home before ever visiting the actual property. For this reason, I do not limit the number of panoramic or still images incorporated into my virtual tours. I feel it is necessary to include every aspect of the property.

Joe Beane
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