Virtual Tours Are A Great Tool For Vacation Rentals

Virtual tours are quickly gaining popularity among real estate agents across the country. Vacation rental managers should not overlook this valuable marketing tool. Virtual tours of your rentals will not only draw potential renters, but will help to insure they rent again.

Having a website with virtual tours will enable potential renters to view their unit before they visit. A good tour should include all benefits of the rental. Proximity to local attractions, and amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise facilities, and more should be included. This will enable your renters to to plan on visiting all you facility has to offer. Most importantly, this will get them excited about the vacation well in advance of arrival! Virtual tours can also be placed on rental websites for increased market visibility.

What about after the visit. Savvy rental managers can provide the renter with the tour on CD, or mailer invitation to view the tour on the website. The images will remind the renter of the great vacation, and all your rental had to offer. This will enable the renter to relive the vacation, and get excited about returning.

Joe Beane
RTV Virtual Tour Provider
360 Virtual Tours