Virtual Tour Photographers are the marketing experts

Real Estate Agents have a bazillion things to do once they get the listing. They realize the importance of listing with photos, so they rush to get photos on MLS. Then they start putting flyers together.

Let’s face it, not all real estate agents know their away around their camera equipment. Unless you understand what needs to be done to make a property “show ready,” it will go on MLS with poorly-taken photos (too dark, or windows which are blown out/overexposed and don’t show the view) which do not help the home stand out from other listings. The flagship of your marketing is not the best arena to practice photography.

A real estate agent recently explained to me that he spends hours

· Photographing the property

· transferring photos to his camera

· cataloging/renaming/resizing them

· etc etc before he can even put them on the ‘net

all to discover that the camera didn’t capture what he wanted it to, the lighting wasn’t sufficient, that he feels like he’s on a ship (or leaning over!), the house is a mess (because he didn’t want to hurt the home owner’s feelings) then having to start all over.

If real estate agents don’t have the proper (wide-lens) equipment or an “eye for the camera” or the ability to “see what the buyer will see,” chances are that their photos may harm more than help.
Dawn Shaffer