Virtual Reality Tour is Your Virtual Yard Sign

Your yard sign in the best internet neighborhoods.

I offer virtual tours in Bend, OR and some of my real estate clients have told me: “Some of my listings are not really worth of a virtual tour.” Many successful brokers that I work with initially felt that way, but what they are finding is that a virtual tour is like a virtual yard sign in the best internet neighborhoods (for example, There are two goals of any real estate virtual tour.

1) To sell the listing.

2) To promote the Realtor(R).

Too often, we focus on only the first goal. Successful Realtors know that every listing is an opportunity to toot their own horn. To not shoot a virtual tour and show their accomplishment to as many people as possible is wasting a golden opportunity. Our tours allow ’branding’. That is, they have the Realtors email, phone number even their picture, right on the tour. Even those with absolutely no web expertise can gain INSTANT presence on the most important real estate websites.

A few months ago I was in a Realtor’s office who got a call from an out of town buyer from one of her virtual tours. That particular home was not a good fit from that buyer, but she became the buyers agent for that caller. She now does a virtual tour for ALL her homes.

She turned that call from a virtual tour into a client. Some homes are not worth a virtual tour? Are you sure you can afford NOT TO get a virtual tour for all your listings?

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