That ain’t no cotton-pickin’ virtual tour

When is a virtual tour actually a virtual tour? And why are some folks calling an assortment of few photos a virtual tour?

It’s no news that the real estate market has slowed a bit in many areas throughout the country. As a result, many Realtors have ramped up their marketing efforts in order to get their listing inventory sold in a timely fashion.

The savvy agents are adding professionally shot virtual tours to their arsenal of tools. But what is a virtual tour? I’ve seen a collection of six photos described as a virtual tour. I’m not kidding. I’ve clicked on one too many icons that say VIEW VIRTUAL TOUR HERE only to be greeted by a series of stills–what a disappointment. That ain’t no cotton-pickin’ virtual tour; that’s false advertising!

A series of six photos slowly fading in and out is not a virtual tour.

The virtual tour software used to create the tours by Real Tour Vision is on a level of its own. The sense of virtually being in the house and seeing the home from a buyer’s point of view, in all its crisp, professional, 360 ° glory is unsurpassed. Using the Real Tour Vision technology allows the viewer to see exactly how a home is laid out; the exclusive use of “hotspots” allows the potential buyer to envision the actual floor plan of the home. Hover over that hotspot and you know exactly what is behind that closed door. Click on that hotspot and you go to the room you want, when you want. You virtually walk through the house. You can’t get that from a 6-photo slide show parading as a virtual tour.

When choosing a virtual tour provider to use for your next listing, don’t fall for the pretenders. A slide show does not account for a virtual tour.!

Lanette Branch
My360Pix Virtual Tours