Shifting Gears With RPM

Revving Up And Shifting Gears With RPM… No Matter What Gear You Are In…

I ‘shifted’ gears over a year ago and hired several photographers to shoot tours for me. Along the way, as with any business, there are decisions to be made, plans to choose, paths to follow and paths to create. What I have learned along the way is that everything is a process; a system.

Before becoming a RTV Full Service provider, I knew next to nothing about the virtual tour industry. I knew marketing, I certainly had run a business before, but I didn’t know the virtual tour business. It was a challenge, but a successful one none-the-less. It took a little time and a lot of dedication to test different methods, systems and strategies that I had learned and apply them in the virtual tour business. I kept track of client response, watched my stats and planned my campaigns accordingly. Things that worked were carefully examined and filed away for future use and comparison. The approaches that did not work were evaluated for reason and then quickly discarded.

To date, I still own and manage my virtual tour company, but I do not go out on any shoots. None, zip, nada one… For those of you saying, “Good for you, I can never switch gears. I have to perform my own tours” or “I’m new, so shifting gears will take time” pay special attention to the following:

I shifted gears just 5 months after I started my virtual tour company. Yes, 5 months.

So, how did I shift gears so quickly, and more specifically how do YOU get there? Once you get there, how do you continue switching gears? Yes, the Real Tour Vision program comes with the business startup CD and lots of great information to get you on the path to success but, like anything else in business, things must be done in the proper order for you to actually see the results like I have.

There were many times that I found myself thinking how hard it would have been for me to go as far as I did in such a short period of time if I did not have the marketing experience or business knowledge that I did and had not chosen the software solution that I had. Then, it dawned on me that there must be other providers are not quite sure how to rev up and shift gears. So I developed marketing solutions designed around the virtual tour model and ultimately created RPM.

No, not ‘Revolutions per Minute’,… I am actually talking about the company Rock Pointe Marketing and it is definitely not ‘just’ a marketing company. It is a virtual tour marketing company. The systems, the packages, the programs are all designed by a RTV provider, for a RTV provider. But before I say too much, I have to ask:

Are you ready make 2007 your best year EVER as a RTV virtual tour provider?

Well, 2007 is already here and I bet you have some big goals for yourself and your virtual tour business. Am I right? The problem is that it is already half gone. Are you 50% closer to your 2007 goals?

Would you like to be even closer? Would you like to know how I ‘shifted gears’ in less than 5 months, and more specifically… do you want to know how to apply this knowledge to your own business?

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out and need marketing material, search engine optimization, and information on how to start your marketing, or you have been an RTV provider for a while and need more advanced tips & strategies. Whatever the case, the Precision Marketing System is specifically designed by a RTV provider for RTV providers.

We, here at RPM are very excited about the opportunity to work with the entire network of Real Tour Vision providers. In fact, we want you to get started right away, so we are going to give you FREE access to a quick marketing audit (to help you identify areas of your marketing that can produce greater profits) and the first 22 pages of the Precision Marketing System FREE.

All you have to do is log into your Real Tour Vision provider account. You will find a link to our website in the new Business Resource Center that we created for RTV providers. When you complete your FREE marketing audit we will also give you a 22-page Sneak Peek into the Precision Marketing System, just for your time.

Take a look at all of the FREE material and when you are ready, we will be ‘standing-by’ to help you rev up your company and successfully shift gears.

Think.Shift.Grow – RTV/RPM

For those of you reading this outside of the Real Tour Vision network please note that this Blog submission references a marketing program we offer to RTV providers only. We do not offer this program outside of the RTV community.