Shifting Gears in Your Virtual Tour Company

There comes a time in the life of every virtual tour company that the owner must sit back and make the decision of how to take the next step in growing. You are out there on the front lines shooting x amount of 360 tours a month. Your overhead is low because it is just you, your laptop computer and trusty car. Your company has grown to such a size that you no longer have enough time to do additional sales. Life is good money-wise and you are spending your days shooting virtual tours.

Wait!! What is wrong with this picture? You stopped doing your sales calls that’s what! Remember in the beginning of your virtual tour business you would hustle all day long, doing a sales pitch here, and a cold call there. Now that you have taken the time, put in your hours, and sealed enough deals to get the engine running, you are stuck and unable to grow your company effectively. You need to shift gears and this is a move that is easiest with the Real Tour Vision virtual tour system.

First off let me tell you what I mean by shifting gears. Think about what happens when you shift the gears of any vehicle. A clutch is engaged. You take your foot off of the gas. Power to the vehicle is temporarily disabled. The RPM’s drop down slightly. Seconds later, a new gear is found, the clutch is disengaged, the foot is back on the gas, RPM’s start going back up and you are moving faster than you originally were.

If you were to slow the shifting process down you would see that that is the exact same process you must be ready to face with your virtual tour business as you grow it along the way. Almost every virtual tour company out there starts out as one single person and goes up from there. (I will address partnerships in another blog)

So, since you are unable to clone yourself you must take the leap here and bring on a new hire. Bringing on a new hire means that you will have to start cutting into your profits and instead of all of them going to you, you will now have what is called overhead.

However; bringing on a virtual tour photographer will free you up with the much needed time enabling you to get back out there, hit the bricks and bring home some fresh clients. Now once again you’re free to go out on a daily basis and put forth more sales and marketing efforts that you could not do when your entire day consisted of shooting tours for existing clients. If you play your cards right like you did the first time around, in no time at all you will find yourself in the field shooting virtual tours for most of your day. You have now just doubled your company and this folks is called shifting gears in your company.

Unfortunately in the virtual tour industry choosing the wrong technology or making the wrong move in the beginning means you will never see this stage nor will it ever be necessary to bring on a new hire. Even worse, there are many virtual tour business owners out there who don’t want to go through that slower period of making less income even though there is much more waiting for them on the other side of the shift. Finally there are those who build up the company and get it just that point where it needs to shift but alas there is not enough of the pie going around and money flowing into the system to allow a shift.

When you are looking to startup a virtual tour company, follow the lead of other smart entrepreneurs and take your time to research other national competitors. You will quickly find that the Real Tour Vision business model allows you the flexibility to grow your business by allowing you more profits, and enabling that shift into high gear. Imagine employing a system that only paid you $30.00 or $40.00 per tour. How would you, how could you, possibly perform a shift and stay in business? What good is owning your own virtual tour company if people are still telling you what to do, what to charge, and when to be where and why?

Perhaps that is why the Real Tour Vision network of virtual tour providers have a lower attrition rate than the other virtual tour companies on the commercial market. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Real Tour Vision allows our providers to think for themselves, run their own company and set their own pricing based on local market conditions. Perhaps it is because we only attract the few that are true entrepreneurs. Real Tour Vision providers are truly the local online marketing experts!

Think Shift Grow – RTV