Panorama Jacks HOT Fire Cracker Snack

Hello Virtual Tour Providers, Panorama Jack here. It’s a fact that when you’re out there building 4-10 virtual tours a day you need a little something here and there to keep you fired up. It is also a proven fact that putting some spicy food into your diet each day stems off appetite. These fire crackers below are sure to keep you fit, trim and and moving quickly from scene to scene. They also make a great ice breaker or talking piece when you’re on site shooting a 360 virtual tour. Enjoy!

Panorama Jacks Hot Fire Cracker Snack


Large box Saltine Crackers
1 1/3 cups Canola Oil
2 T Red Hot Pepper Flakes (to taste) OR Parmesan Cheese
1 package of dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing


Put crackers in a Gallon Jar.
Mix together Oil, Pepper Flakes (or Parmesan Cheese), and Dressing.
Pour over crackers.
Move jar from side to side so oil gets into crackers.
Let crackers dry and enjoy!