My sample tour’s evil twin

We used one of the very first tours we did (as RTV providers) as a sample on our virtual tour company website.

I was not aware the agent we had done the virtual tour for had lost the listing until we received an email from the new listing agent. Their email to us stated that since our virtual tour company was not contracted by the new listing agent to do the virtual tour we had to remove the virtual tour from our website altogether. We were very surprised to hear this and decided to comply all the same so we removed the 360 home tour from our website.

Upon removal my team and I were very curious as to why the new listing agent was so adamant and hurried to get the virtual tour off of our website. We payed a quick visit to their website only to discover they were paying for a Visual Tour subscription. We quickly located the listing that we had done the tour for and found they had used visual tour technology on that listing already. It became very clear to us after looking at the tour why they wanted our tour taken down.

The virtual tour (if you could call it that) was of very poor quality and was not a good representation of the home at all. Because we wish to remain anonymous here on this submission we are unable to post the two virtual tours side by side for all to see. We are pretty sure that the listing agent felt embarrassed to see the old virtual tour hanging out there. They wanted it down as quickly as possible. The agent knew if they were to use the virtual tour they would never be able to go back to their DIY technology again. Everything in this situation has to do with the difference in quality of our original virtual tour and the visual tour which replaced it.


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