My competitor and his One Shot Lens

A year ago we received a call from a competitor, stating that he may be referring about 6 tours our way per year. It seems that some of his agents feel it necessary to be able to see out the windows, and with his One Shot Lens system that’s not possible.

Imagine that….calling us because you can see out the windows! Well, he’s right, of course. One-shot systems can be (grossly) compared to taking a photo of the moon: Half is daytime, half is nighttime. Windows are blown-out (overexposed) because the camera doesn’t know what to do. Our technology is known for its crystal-clear window shots, crucial when shooting the nearby Columbia River.

Those 6 referrals grew to well over 50 in a year and counting. The competitor has tried unsuccessfully to become a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider in our town, turned down because we have the area saturated.

Check out the available technology, compare the differences, and then decide. We can help.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours