Losing my One-Shot-Lens and Finding RTV

After living most of my life in New York and working for Verizon for 32 ½ years I retired. After having bypass surgery in 2001 I decided to retire and move away from the hustle and bustle of New York. I decided to move to Delaware although I knew my employment opportunity would be limited compared to New York’s.

When I put my house up for sale in New York I asked the Realtor(R) to do a virtual tour of my home. At the time I had no idea how the tours where taken, until I saw the person come in with a virtual tour lens or a one shot lens attachment. I was some what impressed that only one picture of each room had to be taken but not to impressed when I saw the final results of the virtual tour. In the end my house sold and I was off to Delaware.

I always wanted to try selling homes so I got a real estate license shortly after moving. I found out quickly I was not meant to sell houses. I then remembered the virtual tour that was done of my home in New York and started to surf the web for virtual tour software and virtual tour companies, I thought I’d give that a try. I started to read about virtual tours that had to be stitched together and immediately dismissed them. I was looking for the easy one shot method, and found and ordered a single shot lens attachment for my camera.

I paid $ 600.00 and to my dismay it turned out to be one of the worst investment I have ever made. I never even got off the ground with that attachment because of the lack of support from the seller. I had no choice, so reluctantly I started to check out the stitched systems and
surfed right into the Real Tour Vision site. I feel a guardian angel guided me to the RTV site after the bad experience I had with the other company.

The staff at Real Tour Vision had me up and working my own virtual tour company in no time. I was truly impressed. I immediately found out the difference of a single shot attachment to the stitched system. First a single shot lens attachment takes one picture at maybe 3 mega pixels, with the Real Tour Visions system I take twelve shots of each 360 panoramic view which equates to 36 mega pixels, no comparison in the final results. Secondly and most importantly I am able to use the cameras on-board flash when necessary as well as get perfect exposure for each angle of the room. Real Tour Vision images from their photo stitching software are also printable which was a limitation of the single shot system.

From the day I started with my first virtual tour I have gotten nothing but praises and compliments on how great the virtual tours look. I even impressed myself. I’m a person that is a true believer in providing the best customer sevice, and I’m so glad that I work with a
company that feels the same way, Real Tour Vision. The name of my company is 360 Delaware Orbit Tours and together with Real Tour Vision I don’t see any obstacle in the way of our continued success.

Tony Pastoriza
360 Delaware Orbit Tours