Find your market

After a year of photographing Virtual Tours a couple things have become very clear. We started our Virtual Tour business from zero. There was one other person doing tours but they gave a whole new meaning to window blow out. After one year we hold 95% of the market only lousing out to those agents that are content on settling for the Slide Show Tours. (next project to take on).

What I have found, and all respect to Real Estate Agents my wife is one, they don’t like to spend the time nor possess the skills to photograph homes. Those that do, after a while appreciate the quality that we as Real Estate Photographers bring to the table. Having said this I find my best success for booking orders comes from just regular visits to the office. Find something new to share with them, offer to shot a piece of land for free. Help them with questions. I recently devoted most of my time to helping the agents understand how to put IDX compliant tours on our new MLS software. Over have the agents did not know what compliant meant. And the other group did not know how to cut and past. In short, when in doubt go for the low hanging fruit. Real Tour Vision Tours will sell themselves every time hands down.

David Shaw