Curb Appeal on the Internet

Think good photos and an accompanying 360 tour don’t make a difference when selling a property? Think again.

An recent article appearing in the Nashville Tennessean Newspaper supports the return on investment to be realized from the utilization of a virtual tour – emphasizing quality of photos as a key necessity successfully sell a property –

GOOD PHOTOS and VIRTUAL TOURS…”It’s everything,” says Trish Woolwine, a broker with Fridrich & Clark about posting good Internet photos. Last year she sold a house to a California couple, sight unseen, based solely on the Web photos. “People see the houses on the Internet, and a lot of them have told me if there aren’t a lot of pictures they just pass that one over and go to the next. You have to compete, and you need to have the best pictures you can — and as many as you can — and just really showcase that property.” If yours don’t make the grade, potential buyers may never knock on the door. When the home looks photogenic and the professional-looking photos are posted online, sellers will reap an important benefit: Eliminating people who aren’t serious about buying. And that means you don’t have to pack up the family and leave every time someone wants to check out your digs. – Curb Appeal Moves to the Internet – The Nashville Tennessian – 05/20/07.

As the article states – “Potential buyers may never see house if pictures fail to impress”
This is why more and more successful real estate agents are turning to a professional online marketing expert and virtual tour provider to provide their listing shots and virtual tours.

Here is the full article: FULL ARTICLE

Quality Counts!
Jason Bennett
Nashville Virtual Tours & Photography