360 Virtual Tours Daley Routine

A virtual tour is a tool that will help show off or write that million word picture. The camera is an extension of that tool but your vision is the key. You as the real estate agents are the key to success.

Daley Visual Development wants to express what you see. It is the articulate producer and cameraman that use angles and lighting to capture your vision. You are the expert that has the mental picture and knowledge to express the greatest qualities of any property. It is important to talk and reflect with the virtual tour provider on what is important to you and your client. Otherwise, the 360 virtual tour is just a conglomeration of digital bytes.

Real Tour Vision stresses and provides continuing education for their providers. This professional coaching further enhances our knowledge allowing us to provide exceptional quality work. Our products become a reflection of your professionalism and talents. Our job is to make a tangible product from your minds eye. We wish to help you become the premiere Realtor(R).

I suggest you form a checklist of what you see in your properties. Start from the front entry and work through every room of the house. Taking time to do this will “stage” the property so the camera can capture its greatest assets. You will find that it will be time well spent.
The professional manipulation of 360 virtual tours, video footage, individual still photos and music will set you apart from the ordinary.

Greg Daley
Daley Visual Development