360 Virtual Tour of Law Offices

We received a phone call from from an office asking if we could do a virtual tour of a law office for them.

Sure, I told ’em! http://ts.rtvpix.com/tour/BU/tour.view.new.php?utl=BU-3454-ZSXCBS-01

The 360 tour has only been up for 1.5 months and has received 149 hits (click the blue circle at the bottom of the tour)! Even if viewing the tour on their website only brings in 1 new client, it has paid for itself.

One of the real benefits of the virtual tours from our virtual tour company is that they are online an entire year. Most clients find that by preparing the offices beforehand (we send out tips to help people prepare), the same tour can be renewed seamlessly.

The internet is “where it’s at” and a virtual tour of corporate offices can be done for a fraction the cost of an ad in the phone book or yellow pages!

Whatever you need, we can do it!

Dawn Shaffer