360 Tours Bring Love

What was your funniest, most shocking or most crazy 360 tour making moment? Some of the stories I’ve heard have been bizarre even hilarious. Here is probably my favorite interesting story that has come from one of our RTV Full Service providers:

A love story blossomed during a 360 Virtual Tour shoot. While a photographer we’ll call Don was shooting a real estate home tour he met the daughter of the former owners. She let him into the home and followed him politely at a distance, watching his every move. During the shoot he stopped and admired a silver framed black and white picture of a young newlywed couple from the 60’s. They were standing in their wedding clothes barefoot on the beach.

“Must have been hippies” Don said smiling. To his surprise the young woman’s face crumpled and she started to weep. Don didn’t know what to do so he went to pat her gently on the shoulder as she cried, offering a tissue. He ended up sitting there with her for over two hours as she told him about how her parents had just died tragically and she was an only child left to deal with the aftermath. She had just moved back to the area and didn’t know anyone, they were all she had. Feeling sorry for her he invited her out for dinner that night. And they’ve been together ever since! That was 4 years ago and they are expecting a baby girl in July.

Real Tour Vision Tours do bring love and new life to the world!
Submission by Jacque Stephens-Burke
Your Friendly Tour Track Administrator