Where it all began – RTV FSD Story

Road to the virtual tour industry started in 1981

Working as a real estate transaction coordinator for several high end realtor’s created an overwhelming desire for a top notch virtual tour provider. We called everyone…literally! We used them once or twice and determined we needed to handle this aspect of the transaction ourselves. I started the research that lasted over two weeks of searching the web, calling the providers asking about their systems documenting, and reporting back to my team. After two weeks of intense research and comparisons of the tour quality, tour windows, and picture quality Real Tour Vision (RTV) was hands down the leader!

Real Tour Vision’s tours were clean, crisp and consistent. Our biggest complaints with RTV’s competitors were the fish eye photos, distorted viewers and fuzzy photography. My experience in photography made me a harsh critic! (I graduated from the Indiana University Journalism Institute in 1981 and they were very clear about what made a good shot and what destroyed it!) The challenge for this industry is to convey the photographer’s artistry to the internet. Real Tour Vision was the clear leader in accomplishing that goal. Having found the perfect conveyance and technology our next step was to hire a RTV photographer to do our tours. After an extensive discussion with RTV we decided to form our own company and become an RTV tour builder. I had the photography experience and education to handle the photography and Real Tour Vision gave me the courage to start my own company.

We know serve over 50 agencies in our area and have partnered with other RTV service providers in nearby zones who can cover our work while on vacation! The RTV team is a big help too. They have graciously turned down several would be RTV virtual tour providers that were too close to my area. They are there to help protect my important investment in this business. The RTV team has been wonderful in helping me in all situations to better serve my clients. I appreciate everyone and their dedication to making RTV the industry leader in virtual tours.

Starting a virtual tour company from scratch is a huge undertaking but the RTV staff has made it a much lighter load. I would highly recommend the RTV virtual tour system to anyone…Outside MY service area of course!  after all it is my goal to make Virtual Tours by Guardian THE number one virtual tour provider in my zone!

Debra Keith
Virtual Tours By Guardian