Virtual Tours – No Kidding

As a virtual tour company owner with RTV I have found that with my children in pre-school it’s a good opportunity to meet prospective clients. I was talking to the owner of my child’s pre-school and asked him if he would like a virtual tour of the facility. He immediately responded with a YES and said that he had been wanting to get one done since he bought the place.

Until now he had not known anyone that could do one as nice as the Real Tour Vision tour was. I did his tour and posted it at the end of last month. This month alone he has had over 50 views and the month’s not even over. He put my company on his parents directory and told all the real estate agents about it. Last week I was dead with no virtual tours on the books. This week and next I’m booked solid with almost too many real estate virtual tours to handle.

Vance Kirkland
Dream Home Virtual Tours