Virtual Tours from any angle

Virtual Tours…they don’t always have to be 360 degree views!
Real estate agents and their clients are sometimes hesitant to use a virtual tour to show a less than perfect property or one that doesn’t have great neighborhood views. To them I say, “No problem”, we’ll just show the good parts in half a circle or so. Once they realize we are not limited to full 360 views, their eyes start dancing around the property looking for all the good views.

Careful camera positioning can make a huge difference in the way certain shots look. Use walls, window frames, furniture, plants, even slightly open doors to hide unwanted items or views. For an example, I just shot a house on a golf course. Right outside on the other side of the open metal fencing was a huge tree stump. I just put the camera in a spot where the fence post/wall lined up perfectly with the stump and the stump disappeared from my scene. The art of any and all good photography is the details. Keep this in mind when figuring out the best way to utilize virtual tours. Try using only two shots to make a scene. Even a little motion/pan of a view sometimes better than a full 360 or static still shot.

Joe Maguire
RE Agent Support