Virtual Tour – The Perfect Shot

60% of new home buyers cited Virtual Tours as being very useful in Home Searching and 83% cited pictures. This NY Times article talks a lot about the impact images can have on the potential home buyer: Click Here

Stand alone still shots can be an important part of a virtual tour and certainly is an important part of showcasing a home. Anyone can take a picture, there’s a button and if you push it, it will take a picture. That may be true but taking a good picture isn’t simply just pointing and shooting. There are many things to consider, such as lighting, staging and framing the shot.

Pictures are SO important when you are trying to tell the story of a home and a bad picture will send the wrong message. There are a number of online Digital Photography courses that can help you to learn how use all the options on your camera, how to create really good shots and how to use your photo editing software. Having these skills will not only help you take better tours but will also help you market yourself to Realtors out there who may have less than stellar shots on their current listings. You could offer them a virtual tour and as a bonus some quality still shots as well, that not only helps you seal the deal but helps them better market their property. Everyone wins!

By Jacqueline Stephens-Burke
Your Friendly Tour Track Administrator