Virtual Tour Customer Service

Virtual tour company customer service doesn’t have to be a dying art! In current times to remain competitive in the marketplace you need to provide superior customer service. This is not that hard to accomplish, here are a few of the things we do to keep our clients coming back:

– Provide 7/24 online ordering that secures all of the necessary information
– Contact them or their designated contact person to schedule the virtual tour ASAP
– Perform the photo shoot within 2 business days
– Guarantee online viewing within 24 hours
– Be prompt, professional attired, and courteous to the agent and/or homeowner
– Ask permission to turn on all of the lights and make sure the seems of the lamps are not visible, adjust the blinds, fluff the pillow and hide any unnecessary clutter. (This will make the clients feel confident about you, quality, and attention to details)
– When your done, turn off the lights and restore the blinds to their original position
If you have fun and enjoy your work, the clients will take notice and want to use your services time and again.

Have A Great Day!

Ken Bowman
In And Out Services