Virtual Tour Company Whistlestop Visits

Getting repeat business from existing realtors is a great deal easier than trying to get a prospect to try your product. Don’t get me wrong, adding to your list of clientele is a good thing, but don’t forget those that are already using my virtual tour service.

In order to ‘stay in front of your customers’, you need to have a presence at least every other week. In order to do this, I have emailed the following to my list:

– a photography tip on how to take better photos
– an update or new options available for the virtual tours
– a great photo of something seen in the community that week (spectacular sunset, carnival, mountain or lake view…whatever catches your eye)
– a list of FSBOs seen around town with addresses/phone numbers

The community photos have received great response and I’ve actually been asked to have them posted in a couple local prints as a result. Giving out the FSBO information has worked out well for all of us as well. A realtor gets the listing and more than likely, I’ll get a request for a tour on the home.

These are just a few of the ways I stay in touch with clients without having to ‘advertise’. Give them something to help their business, make them smile or just say hello. Being personal goes a long way and your business will thank you for doing so!


Rob Lenthe

Remote Global Viewing