Virtual Tour Adaptation

Today’s market in real estate has changed. Have you changed with it?

The above question could be a negative or positive question, depending on your outlook in life. We constantly hear people complain about market conditions, which anyone associated with real estate knows changes continually. The question really becomes, are you ready to make changes according to market conditions? If you are, then not only will your tour business stay strong, but your influence with Realtors you work with will be a very positive one, both for you, the virtual tour provider, and they, the agents.

We all know that when a market slows, the tendency is to cut back on advertising. Isn’t this the exact opposite of what should be done? When sales drop off, a seller needs to increase the size of their market. This will never happen if you don’t let people know you are out there. The same holds true for the real estate agent.

What better way to reach a larger target audience than with virtual tours? Internet exposure with complete information provided to the potential buyer. Now that’s adding value to a market that really needs it, and at the same time getting interest for both the client (real estate agent or seller) and your tour business. When things slow down, you need to speed up, working to get more exposure for yourself and ultimately, your clients. Don’t let the market control your success. Control your market. Sound impossible? Well, it really isn’t.

Real Tour Vision constantly provides their providers with new and updated virtual tour software and information on the market, along with a host of ideas for reaching a larger audience. They also provide lots of marketing information that providers can provide their clients, thereby helping the entire process. Name me another Virtual Tour Company that considers the entire market, not just the photographic processes. This is the reason I became a Real Tour Vision provider. After an experience with one of the biggest tour companies in the World, I discovered that no matter how big the company behind you is, if they don’t give service, information, and all around concern for the market and the people that represent them, it really doesn’t matter how large they are.

Service and information are key words at RTV. That simply means that any RTV provider is well armed with all the latest technology and… information for their clients. When an RTV provider steps into a home, they are as well armed with knowledge, expertise and information as you can get in our business. Their clients benefit as well, and together, your local market and the market of your clients benefit. Get out there and let the world know what you have to offer, and your market will increase, good times or bad!

Mike Willett
MW360 Tours