Marketing 101 Keeping your Connection Tight

There are real estate videos on websites like YouTube that agents post for free and I just read in a Real Estate Newsletter that it’s being encouraged to post those videos. This could potentially be a major industry mistake! Not only do videos on youtube come off as very unprofessional they distract the home shopper from what they are doing. If you take that video and link it to your website and someone clicks it to see it, you’ve just sent that buyer down the road to another website with completely unrelated content.

Why in the world would it be encouraged to send buyers away to another site that doesn’t have anything to do with buying or selling homes? YouTube makes their income off advertising and advertising alone so one would think they are fairly adept at distracting ones attention. Attracting and encouraging people to look at ads and other videos is the sole purpose of their site. and your website on the other hand should be focused on connecting potential buyers with other homes and keeping those buyers on your site. It’s up to the agent to keep the buyer enrolled in their services or their properties and not lose contact with that buyer. The only solution is for to host these videos which I see that they have recently starting doing this for free!! I am guessing they are offering this service to agents for the simple reasons as stated above. Keep clients on your website and make your site as sticky as possible. Don’t lose your connection with your prospect.

Carolyn Morton
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