That’s NOT a Real Tour!

I am showing off my virtual tours at the home show in a booth curtesy of one of my customers. They needed something impressive to put on a plasma in there booth. I have done a number of virtual tours for this company and have a good relationship with them so they asked me if I would put something together (for promotional consideration.) Wink wink.

Anyway, one of the agents asked if I could show one of her virtual tours, I thought sure we had done the tour so I said sure. I went searching for the tour on the builders site and did not find it, she was unsure of the tour name so I asked her to email me the link. She asked how, and I told her she could just load the tour and press “share tour”. She said she could not find the share tour button or a way to email the tour.

A little later on the Realtor in question showed up at the show and directed me to where the tour link was located on her MLS listing. And again asked if I could show it on the big screen, I fouind the link and clicked on it. It became very aparent that it was NOT a REAL TOUR VISION TOUR.
When it finally loaded, it poped up next to one of our toursn right there on the 60 inch plasma for all the world to see. Our tour, big and beautiful, and fast, her tour (done by her friend) small, slow, no hotspots, no branding, nothing.

She soon asked me to take it down and ordered three more virtual tours from us.
Quality sells itself!

Time to raise my prices again?

Kurt Steiner