How Well Does Your Home Show?

Your home’s for sale. How well does it show? A better question might be, “Does it show at all?” The old adage that a picture’s worth a thousand words is never more true than in today’s competitive marketplace. With over 70% of home buyers starting their search on the Internet, why not showcase all of the many highlights of your unique home?

There’s a lot of competition out there and, if you’re like me, you’ve got to be sick and tired of hearing about the high inventory of homes and the almost cavalier attitude of buyers who expect so much more from sellers today versus just a year ago. The reality of today’s real estate market is that there are 12 other homes in your same development that are for sale, and they are exactly like yours – or so it seems. So, how do you separate yourself from the pack?

It’s simple and easy to stand out from the crowd. Hire a professional photographer to highlight your home’s best features. You can’t go wrong with lots of quality, professional-grade photos of your home since your investment will come back to you many-fold. Your REALTOR can guide you to a professional photographer who will capture the gorgeous vignettes all around your home’s interior and exterior. It’s true — you yourself can take a picture of two of your own home but quality, professional photos will set your home apart from those many others competing for the same audience.

These are the photos that are going to get your home shown – and, we all know, if your home doesn’t get shown, it won’t get sold. The choice is yours – a fabulous 360 virtual tour along with a slide show of stills highlighting your pride and joy is a great idea as well to show off all of the great features you love about your home.

Your home’s for sale. So, let’s go forth and sell. However, do not make the mistake of discounting the other important factors of getting your home sold. Make sure you use a good REALTOR to help you price your home correctly, be sure to de-clutter, take the time to clean up, get the landscapers out there (or do it yourself if you’re so inclined), and SELL that beautiful home of yours!

Lanette Branch
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