360 Tours are more than Slide Shows!

When I mention that I shoot virtual tours to people many of them have a less than enthusiastic response. Many of them have a mental image of an unimpressive slide show. Others are only familiar with other brands of tour software that are just not user friendly or do not do a very good job of stitching images together.

So when I tell people about my tours I have to mention that it is a full 360 degree walk through tour of a property (with seamless stitching and good lighting). Better still, I show them my work on my website. Everyone is impressed when they see the tours and a common question is if they are tours that I shot. I assure them that yes, they are not only examples of the RTV tour technology but also my work, shot locally right here in Connecticut! Everyone likes both the image quality and the tour window after seeing it, and are surprised by the RTV tour flexibility.

I have had more than a few clients who were not happy with another “tour” come to me and left very happy with a flexible, user friendly, quality virtual tour that is a whole lot more that a slide show!

Brian Danby
BD Photography