Virtual Tour of a Galley Kitchen

Since I began working as the Virtual Tour Track Administrator for I’ve heard from many virtual tour photographers about the impossibility of taking a good shot of a Galley Kitchen. Honestly, I do have to admit I thought some were exaggerating. I mean, how hard could it be to get a good shot of a kitchen, right? I decided to put it to the test so I pulled out my trusty, yet bottom of the line, point and shoot digital camera to try it out for myself. I then proceeded to take about 10-15 pictures of my tiny Galley Kitchen and uploaded them into my computer.

I was a bit surprised and a quite chagrined to discover that most of them were bad! I mean, after all I fancy myself an amateur photographer and have been taking pictures since I was 13! After stewing a little in my failure and pondering the results of my little experiment I decided that it would be fun to have a Submit Your Best Galley Kitchen contest on the Virtual Tour Track section of the RTV Support Forum. If you are a Real Tour Vision provider you can access the forum through your builder site, scroll down to the bottom of the Forum and you’ll find the Tour Track discussion area. Once there you can check out the virtual tour photos from my experiment and submit your own best galley shot. Once I have enough submissions I will create a poll so everyone can vote, so be sure to check back!

Jacque Stephens-Burke, your friendly Tour Track Administrator