Quick solution to a long distance problem.

Shortly after we became a Real Tour Vision provider, one of our REALTOR clients called with an urgent request for a 360 virtual tour. We needed to create a virtual tour for an “Estate” home. She had a potential client from the west coast visit the home while on business as he was possibly going to be transferred to PA. The transfer came and he remembered the home but his wife couldn’t get back to see it. This created the need for the tour to see if this home was a contender for their family. We created & posted the tour and sent a link as quick as we could. We found out about a week later the house was sold off our virtual tour!

His wife saw the tour and decided it was the right home for them from the tour and faxed contracts to secure their new home. This also solidified our value with a local REALTOR who has become a great client and friend.

Keith and Robin Volker
A www.realtourvision.com Full Service provider