Quality Counts – Real Estate Photography

The (now famous) NY TIMES article Make Every Pixel Count has been referred to several times on different real-estate blogs since it appeared on 2/11/2007. It hasn’t appeared yet on the new-improved-and-official Real Tour Vision Virtual Tour Company Blog, so here goes….

My take on the article (aside from the obvious) is this – Realtors exist to better assist home buyers/sellers complete the transaction because they are “experts in their field”. Four out of five home sellers are better off employing the aid of a Realtor even though there is the commission involved – they are virtually guaranteed to sell the home faster and/or for more $. The headaches and “lack of quality” involved in trying to sell a home w/o the aid of a realtor is difficult, since they are the “experts in their field”.

The same advice applies to the photography of the property; four out of five realtors are not experts at taking photos and/or applying the post-production techniques necessary for the best results. Get an expert to assist you with this.

Another point – the pictures and 360 virtual tours that will be showcased with that property are not merely meant to assist with the sale of that property – they showcase the Realtor’s professionalism and attention to details pertaining to every other aspect of his business. Shoddy pictures indicate to me that this is a Realtor who “doesn’t have his/her act together”. What else are they missing??


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