One-Shot Lens Technology

When I first started looking into the virtual tour business I bought a 360 degree One-Shot lens adapter for my camera. I took some pictures and viewed them, but when I called the virtual tour company for further information none was available. I swore I would not get any type of stitching system, thinking that it would be too difficult to process the images. In the end I had very little choice in the matter as it was apparent that my dreaded one-shot lens was getting me nowhere.

I was a bit skeptical when I chose Real Tour Vision, but after receiving my gear I was in business immediately. I would have to imagine that there are lots of people out there who get tied down with a one shot lens system just like I did. What kind of system did you get? Were you able to sell your lens somewhere or recoup your investment somehow? I would love to hear your one-shot lens story! As far as Real Tour Vision goes, I’ve been very happy ever since I started so Keep up the good work team.

Anthony Pastoriza
Delaware Orbit Tours
A Full Service provider