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Hello! My name is Jen Aucoin (Pronounced “Oak wine”) and I am a Dallas native, a grandmother, avid reader and enthusiastic pet owner. I own and operate Panoramic Tour, through which I provide outstanding photography and virtual tours to our clients.

As a professional photographer, my job is to aid you in looking your best; whether that is through the creation of stunning images to showcase your Real Estate listing, by shooting fantastic headshots of you and your staff, or through a full blown production that introduces your business to the world. I am always happy and eager to aid you with your photographic needs.

HEADSHOTS/PORTRAITS – A great headshot is so important these days. You get one shot, one image, to present yourself to potential clients. A great headshot attracts clients, a bad one will deter them. You need a headshot that conveys confidence, competence, a good demeanor and approachability. What does your headshot says about you? If your headshot is not helping to bring you more clients, then contact me and let’s create one that does!

REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY – The technology that we use for our virtual tours is unsurpassed, it is truly the best available. The Fusion system uses cutting edge features and a powerful engine to showcase your listing like no other. Pair Fusion with our gorgeous professional photographic imagery and you have one of the most powerful marketing tools available today!

REAL ESTATE SERVICES – Through Panoramic Tour, we provide some unique and much needed Real Estate Coordination services. Our innovative system is tailor made for agents who cannot afford an “in house” full time assistant. Simply send the listing information to our Licensed Assistant and we do all of the work! With regular and detailed updates and transparency, you are always connected and kept in the loop every step of the way. Using this service frees your time so that you can take care of your clients without the worry and stress of juggling all of the minute details. This system is absolutely perfect for those Agents that are looking to take their business to the next level!

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – We offer top of the line commercial photography as well! Whatever you can imagine, we will make it happen. Headshots, Photo Essays, Company “Look Books”, Product Photography, Catalog Photography, Website and Marketing Images, stock photos and more. Commercial Day Rates are available.

GOOGLE MAPS BUSINESS VIEW – As certified Google Trusted Photographers, we will put your business “on the map!” Google Maps Business View is a premium quality virtual tour of your business that is featured all across Google. We use Google’s Streetview technology to create a virtual walk through of your business that will create buzz for your business in no time. In addition to creating the basic Google Maps Business View Tours, we also offer premium features that enable you to really spice up that virtual tour on your website in ways only imagined just a short time ago!

Imagine the full, 360 degree, Google Maps Business View tour with an integrated shopping cart, information spots, audio spots, multiple floors, floor plans and more. Your customers can virtually walk through your business, view your products and purchase items all from within the virtual tour. Wow, now that’s innovative!

Contact me when you’re ready to take your business to the next level.


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