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Virtual Home StagingYou probably already know that staged homes typically sell for more money and vacant real estate normally takes longer to sell. Most sellers have difficulty visualizing the potential of an empty home. With our new virtual home staging product, now they can!

Using our advanced 3D Rendering technology we are now able to offer our virtual tour providers an amazing Virtual Home Staging product at an unbelievable low price! We take a photo of an empty room and then virtually stage it full of furniture & decorations. Our virtual staging team can add designer couches, tables, rugs, lamps, tv’s, draperies and many other furniture items to make the home look like a million bucks.

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If you’re already an RTV provider simply log into your TMS and start placing orders for virtual home staging. If you’re not an RTV provider, give us a call and we can easily put you in touch with an RTV tour provider in your area who will gladly assist you in virtually staging your home. Our virtual home staging product is available only to RTV virtual tour providers at an amazingly low per room price.

With more and more homes now being vacant due to foreclosures virtual staging is now more in demand than ever before. Be sure to ask your RTV sales rep how you can start using our new virtual home staging product today.

Virtual Staging is frequently employed by homeowners and real estate agents to help show properties to their best advantage. A virtually staged home shows better than an empty home. As wonderful as traditional home staging is there are some drawbacks it as well.

Actual staging can give prospective buyers the impression that window treatments or other furnishings are included with the purchase of a home. Home staging is also quite expensive. The cost to rent furniture and other furnishings in a down market with extended sale times can really add up. Professional home staging services can be quite pricey as well, which makes our virtual home staging product even more attractive. This is where virtual home staging really shines.

Virtual home staging is the process of taking digital photos of empty rooms, inserting digital furniture, window treatments, and other decorations. The attributes of each property are enhanced by the staging, rather than showcasing the taste of the homeowner. Virtual home staging costs a fraction of a physical staging and is a great tool to help showcase the home to prospective buyers. Most people looking for a home, search the internet first. Having beautifully decorated home photos capture the interest of buyers and motivates them to schedule a showing with a real estate agent. Photos of empty homes are not as impressive as a staged home and may not help a potential buyer make an emotional connection to the property.

This product is not just for vacant homes either. You can move existing furniture out of a room for the empty photo, and then let us upgrade the appearance of the home online with one of our many virtual furniture collections.

Living areas, the master bedroom, kitchen, and game room are excellent choices for digital staging. Our graphic designers will choose furnishings that compliment each room and show it to its best advantage. Login now to your TMS and download our our virtual home staging guide. We recommend you print it out so your clients can view it and give us a general idea of the motif of the location.

Upgrade the visual appeal of your listings today using the best Virtual Staging product on the market!

Virtual Staging

Virtual Home Staging Testimonial:

Dear RTV,

I am very impressed! I have been a proponent of this type of staging for over three years now, and I am extremely pleased to see your result. Truly excellent staging and resulting image. I take my hat off to your supplier, as I love to see quality work in this arena. It is one of the best examples I personally have ever seen, and this is my passion and my livelihood.

As far as the buyer not seeing furniture in the home, I would like to say it is exactly the same as if the seller took pictures before the home was vacant, then simply moved on, like so many sellers. With this type of staging, the potential buyer gets to see not only the home staged, but also have the opportunity to see the home vacant, which is, after all, what they are actually buying. It is a best-case scenario for the purchaser.

Although to move a house quickly and garner better offers, traditional staging is the proven method, this type of technology is a step in the right direction for those who are not in a position to traditionally stage, but do grasp the need for highly impressive images for marketing. What you have here is an image that will motivate buyers to do a double-, if not triple-take on this listing, that would have slipped under their radar otherwise.

It’s a wonderful example of this new branch of professional staging, and again, I am highly impressed. I looked at the image on a large scale, and it was superb. Also, pinkish carpet can be a bit of a turn-off, but the use of high-impact color was a brilliant strategy to tame the carpet into a neutral background. Skillful Staging and good imagery!


Virtual House Staging

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