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Rockpointe Marketing Does it Again! New Real Estate Marketing Piece Launches


Pro Photography Marketing PieceRockpointe Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of a new real estate oriented marketing piece. Using information from a article published in 2014, this flier quickly communicates several benefits of using a professional photographer. Did you know that listings using professional photography receive significantly more views, sell faster and for more money compared to other listings? This flier will quickly and effectively point this out, and offers a free consultation to help get the conversation started.

This double sided flier will be great to hand out to Realtors during initial conversations or can be sent as part of an email or mail campaign.  Yes team, print marketing does still work! They will immediately see your contact information prominently displayed on a 8.5 x 11 featured image (from your portfolio) that is sure to catch their attention. The important facts, sales pitch, and a repeat of your contact information is on the reverse side with 3 more example photos in the right sidebar.

As part of a continued effort to create the highest quality marketing pieces we have created this in Adobe Photoshop, utilizing layers. This allows greater flexibility for the photographer. All of the flier colors, information and photos are completely customizable using a program that almost all photographers currently use. We will be providing instructions with a link to a video tutorial for anyone new to Photoshop who may need help. We would love Rockpointe Members opinions on which file formats they prefer to work with. If you have a preference please email jstring(at)

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Jason Stringham
Internet Marketing Coordinator


Dallas Photographer Achieves T4 Photographer Status

tinyt43 Jen Aucoin understands diversification. She comes to RTV as an experienced, portrait, real estate, commercial and Google Trusted photographer. With a resume like that she was a natural fit for our team. She operates Panoramic Tour and offers photography and virtual tour services in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.

Jen has a very clear vision about what she does. She states “As a professional photographer, my job is to aid you in looking your best; whether that is through the creation of stunning images to showcase your Real Estate listing, by shooting fantastic headshots of you and your staff, or through a full blown production that introduces your business to the world. I am always happy and eager to aid you with your photographic needs.”

Thank you Jen for bringing your many talents to the RTV team – we look forward to working with you for years to come.


Dallas Fort Worth Virtual Tours

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Joins Us For Info On The Fusion Affiliate System On The Formula



So you’ve built up a very nice customer base of loyal and repeat buyers for your interactive virtual tours and media presentations…but now what? Now it’s time that you monetize your productions even further by selling ads off of your virtual tours.

As we look across your virtual tours, we have noticed that this practice seems to have become somewhat of a lost art. If you’re producing at least fifteen tours a month with your virtual tour business then it’s time to take a look at this unique opportunity and bring back sponsored Ads on tours.

Some of you are already using the Fusion Affiliate system to do this with your own logo during virtual tour playback. Check out a couple samples: here and here but sadly, most of you are not even using this valuable advertising space for yourself!

The time to monetize your online tours and all the views they’re getting is now. Be sure to sign up for this show if you would like to learn more about marketing yourself and others on your virtual tours. The time is now to start making extra money by selling Ads on your productions.

See you there November 10th, 2015 at 7:00pm

Register Here!

PS. If your company logo is not splashed across the virtual tour during playback, you’re missing out on VALUABLE marketing time that our powerful Affiliate Marketing Program in Fusion can be serving up for you! You might be afraid to put your logo as an affiliate on the tours due to MLS regulations? That’s not a problem. You can tell the system whether or not to display the affiliates on the NON-BRANDED tour. Before assuming that it’s not allowed, be sure to check with your local MLS board first. Many around the country are more than happy to help promote local photographers and technology providers. See you there RTV. – See more on our webinar information page.

Senior Software Engineer Russ Ryba Joins Team RTV


RTV would like to welcome Russ Ryba to our staff as one of our Senior Software Engineers.  Russ will be working directly under Tom Barrons, RTV’s Technology Director, and will be helping the team take the RTV system to the next level. Russ is very happy to have been selected for our back end developer position and wants everyone in the RTV network to know that he’s up for the programming challenge that’s ahead.  Russ’s first order of business is to assist Tom, Ken, and Rob with taking the new RTV Manager live.  Once that’s in place he’s ready to help propel RTV’s virtual tour platform yet even further ahead of the competition. Russ’s vast experience with mobile technology as well as his intense desire for 3D technology align perfectly with RTV’s long term goals and ambitions.

Russ has 25 years of programming experience and has worked with computers at every level from assembly, to web, to mobile platforms and giant databases. He has two beautiful kids that keep him busy, and he serves as a mentor at locals schools working with students who are learning robotics, electronics and 3D printing. During his free time and on the weekends Russ loves building 3D printers from scratch.

Welcome to RTV Russ! We are grateful to have you on the team and we look forward to many years of your genius programming, creativity, and innovation ahead.  RTV is also seeking one additional programmer here at the office to compliment the programming team and will be filling that position before the year’s end. RTV remains fully committed to our customer base of professional photographers and real estate agents.  It’s our commitment and mission to never let the innovation and inventing stop.  We thank all of our loyal followers and customers for the many years of dedication and support.



Team RTV

Joe Danzer of Cincinnati achieves T4 Photography Honors

tinyt43Joe Danzer is a talented portrait and landscape photographer. One glance at his website and you can see the creativity and skill he brings to the table. Joe expanded his horizons and became a part of the Google Business View program at the beginning of the program. He has had great success and is a Google top performer for the Cincinnati, Ohio market.

Originally from Portsmouth Ohio, Joe has owned and operated his business in Cincinnati since 2004. He is a member of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce and Professional Photographers of America. In addition to Google Tours, Joseph Danzer photography  also is able to provide stunning Fusion Virtual Tours to business and real estate agents.

Joe joined the RTV family, bringing his talents and professionalism to the Tour Track program in the first quarter of 2015. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to a long successful partner ship. Thank you Joe for your hard work and congratulations on achieving T4 Certification. If you are in need of real estate photography or a virtual tour in the Cincinnati area give Joseph Danzer Photography a call at 513 -549-0563.







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